Janathon Day 21 – Another Token Mile

For summary checkers – 1.15 mile run in 13 mins.

Got up this morning to head to the doctors. I’d arrived late in Liverpool last night and had driven through an isolated patch of snow, so I knew it was cold. However I wasn’t expecting the sheet of ice that waited for my this morning. I slid down my drive, along the pavement and without too many scares into the doctors surgery.

After looking me over for what seemed like 20 secs the doctor said I had no infection. Great stuff. He thought I’d damaged my jaw somehow and recommended taking some ibuprofen for the next couple of days, and if no improvement then I should see a dentist. I thought ‘eh?’, but then guessed he knew best.

Sliding back home and giving it more thought it just didn’t make sense. No pain in jaw at all, no known whacks to it. I’d also had similar pain to what I was experiencing now a few years back – and then was a minor infection. Decided to pop into town and see a pharmacist for some advice.

Explained to them the story and symptoms and they said they’d expect it to be an infection that can be treated with a prescription pain. They recommended I went to the NHS drop-in centre. So I trundled round there.

The nurses they were great. I got seen by 3 of them, each looked in my ears for a number of minutes and all spotted a very minor infection at ’12 o’clock’. They then checked again with another ‘tool’ because they wanted to make they didn’t miss anything.

Walked out about 20 minutes later with the prescription the pharmacist had been expecting.

Think I know where I’m going next time I’m ill.

Oh, and with the ice and did 3 loops of a park opposite my house. Another token mile. Now time to get packed for that stag do!!!


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