Janathon Day 26–Everything is good again

Summary checkers – 4 mile run in 47 minutes.

After last nights horrible run, ran out in my Nikes this evening and everything was fine. There was a moment when my right foot hurt slightly, but that went as soon as it appeared. So the Asics are off to trainer heaven, and I’ve just bought another pair of Nikes that I’m loving at the moment. I also got them 50% off as for once I got the last pair in my size!


This was a familiar route, but someone had decided to run the route in reverse to normal. I did mention something about it thought the entire 1st 2 miles would be pretty much uphill, but that fell on deaf ears. I don’t like saying I told you so, but I feel I need to make a point here:


Two other things to report – I finally crossed the 100 mile barrier today for 2011.


And the other thing is the final box of Christmas chocolates were finished last night (it was hard work, but I don’t really want to talk about it). So after the stag do was complete, and no chocolates were left in the house, I thought today should be the day to start eating much healthier than I have been. I signed up to MyFitnessPal after Jay blogged about it. Just starting but so far so good, well until I got in from my run and someone was making pancakes (it was hard work, but I don’t really want to go into it). Think today I’m about 200 calories over what it recommends – better do some press-ups later.


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