Janathon Day 28 – Back to Swimming

Summary checkers – Swimming lesson for 30 minutes. No run today.

Ear infection has been gone for a few days so decided to return to the pool. Am waiting for some ear plugs to turn up, but they haven’t arrived as of yet.

Was mainly working on my arm stroke, and got to use a pull-buoy for the 1st time ever. Think my starting out strokes were about 18-20 per length, and this had come right down to 12 by the end of the lesson. I also won the sprint race at the end against (and I’ve already forgotten her name :o/) the girl that has lessons at the same time. When I say won, it was literally within about 0.5 second of each other!

Good to be back in the water.

No run today as I’ve got Milton Keynes ParkRun tomorrow – the 1st race of the 12 for the year as part of The Challenge, followed by a long run on Sunday. I’ll then return to the pool on Monday, and whilst not planning to run on Monday I’ll head out for a short one to say goodbye to #janathon!


4 thoughts on “Janathon Day 28 – Back to Swimming

  1. good on your for taking lessons, swimming is great as a x-trainer for running esp if injured. I thrived off it last year whilst injured.Try #winterswim challenge next year.

    • Thanks Helen. Really enjoying swimming at the moment. Did see WinterSwim before Christmas, but it just came too soon – certainly be taking part later this year :o)

  2. Good luck for the parkrun tomorrow – dunno if you’ve done it before but I did it a couple fo weeks ago and the course is nice and flat apart from the zigzags…you should get a good PB!

    • Thanks! I’m guaranteed a PB I think. Did a 5k years and years ago but never noted what the time was. The more recent ones have always been a ‘near’ 5k, but never truely 5k.

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