Janathon Day 31 – Job Done

For summary checkers – 30 minute swim.

Todays Exercise

Head to the pool for the final day of Janathon. Did 32 lengths in about 30 minutes – mixing it up to do 10 lengths warm up, 10 lengths of concentrating on reducing stroke count, 4 lengths of catch-up stroke, 4 lengths of back stroke (apparently required in order to signal I’m in trouble during the triathlon – thanks swimming coach), 2 lengths of crawl and 2 lengths of breaststroke.

I also went armed with some ear plugs to try and avoid future ear infections. They came out on the 2nd length, and whilst I managed to retrieve one, the other is lost forever.

Janathon Over

Whilst saying yesterday that I’d run one final time tonight to round up the mileage, my legs starting hurt late last night. They’ve not given any grief today, but rather than risk anything, I’d rather end Janathon on a high, and miss that final run.

So in summary, I’ve exercised everyday. I’ve run 126 miles, running a total of 24 days in January. I set a new PB at 5k distance (although admittedly that was a given as I’ve never officially raced a 5k before). Previously when trying to run back-to-back days I’ve ended up injured, so to do as many as I have done injury free was superb.

The best bit of Janathon though (apart from it ending!) has been the other bloggers. I couldn’t keep up with all the blogs I’m afraid, but I’ve certainly found other people to follow this year. The support on Twitter and on this site has been great. There are too many of you to mention individually, so just a great big collective thank you!!!

What Next

This blog will return somewhat to normal. The blogging everyday has been almost as difficult as the exercising. One thing that won’t change is I promise it’ll remain fairly boring and uninteresting. Feel free to use this resource as a sleeping aid.

In seriousness, I’ll be keeping people abreast of ‘The Challenge‘. I’ll attempt to post weekly with reviews of what training I’ve done, and what else has been going on.


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