Training Plan–February

So, Janathon over. Time to resume some kind of normality, and think about the training plan, rather than just get out there and do something everyday.

The Plan

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
31/1 Swim (done) 11 Mile GA Run (done) Swim (done) + 4 Mile Recovery Run (done) Rest Swimming Lesson (done) 9 Mile (Long-Run / Recovery) Watford Half Marathon
7/2 Swim 8 Mile GA Run with Strides Swim + 5 Mile Recovery Run 15 Mile (Long Run) (Cycle Commute?)

Swimming Lesson

14/2 Swim 9 Mile (LT) Run with 5M @ HM Pace Swim + 5 Mile Recovery Run 10 Mile GA Run (Cycle Commute?)

Swimming Lesson

16 Mile Run with 10 Miles at MP Cycle Club Ride
(Rec Week)
Swim 8 Mile GA Run (with strides) Swim + 5 Mile Recovery Run 8 Mile GA Run (Cycle Commute?)

Swimming Lesson

12 Mile Med-Long Run Cycle Club


Total Running Mileage planned:  138 Miles
Running Sessions Done: 2/15

Other News

Took a couple of rest days this week due to having what I think is plantar fasciitis. I’ve had it briefly before, strangely about this time last year. I’ve also got next weekend off, so I’m planning to run on it for now, and then maybe alter the schedule a little next weekend to allow more time for recovery if necessary.

For my triathlon training I’m worried about not getting out on my bike enough – hence the question of cycling to work on a Friday – I get an early finish on a Friday so might be able to get home in daylight now the evenings are getting lighter.

I’ve also been using the Slendertone System+, and should complete the 1st week a little later tonight. I’ll do a separate review of this over the weekend at some point. I’ve also been continuing with MyFitnessPal app which has been pretty good up to now.

Finally, I weigh myself every Friday after my swimming lesson. Rather annoying I forgot this week. Have to see if I can remember to go on Monday.

Race Entries

Sandy 10 Mile has been picked out as the race for April, and I’ve entered this evening. I’m also looking at Liverpool Tunnel 10k in June, which should be good practice for the Liverpool Marathon in October.


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