End of February (well almost)

Firstly, a massive thank you to everyone who has donated to The Challenge. It means a lot, so thank you very much.

Blogging has been a little bit few and fair between. For that I apologise (or receive your thanks!). I think the daily blogging with Janathon took more than I expected from my blogging enthusiasm. I’ll endeavour to resume my weekly blogging from now on.

So since its been a month since my last update on running / cycling / swimming activites, this month review might be quite lengthy.

February’s Plan Reviewed


Planned running mileage for February was to be around 138 miles, however a work related conference in London put pay to a couple of runs. However I also needed to alter my schedule slightly, forcing me to bring forward an 18 mile run into this months mileage. With no more running in February to come this months mileage was 130 miles – for the 2nd time this year I’ve set a new record for the number of miles I’ve run in a month. That takes me to 256 miles for 2011.


Its my swimming progress that I’ve been most impressed with in the last month. I’ve continued to have my swimming lessons, and one lesson gave a little mental breakthrough about breathing, which has really helped me with endurance. Yesterday I went to the pool determined to hammer out some 100m sessions with no breaks between lengths. The 2 100m times that I recorded came in around the 2 min marker. Looking at the triathlon results for the last year most people seemed to finish the swim section in 14-15 mins, so that would bring me close to that if I can increase the distance I can swim for over the next 5.5 months.


With all good things, come the bad things. I’ve realised what a mistake its been to ignore my cycling so much. Swimming was by far my weakest discipline but now I think cycling might be taking that place.

To combat that I tried commuting into work, but I think the roads are too busy and dangerous for this to be a regular option. I also managed to fall off for the first time my with clipless pedals – much to the amusement of people around me. I’ve also started using the exercise bikes at the gym during lunchtimes – hammering out 8 miles in about 30 mins – with it selecting various hill routes for me.

I’ve also been out with Watton Wheelers again. I went with the faster group last week, and did 34 miles in total – a really good ride. Unfortunately I was far too slow for that group, so think I need to head out with the other group for a while whilst I get use to cycling.

Plan for March

28/2 Swim Exercise Bike

10M Run with 5M at HM Pace


4M Recovery Run

Exercise Bike

11M Run

Swim Lesson Rest Berkhamstead Half Marathon
6/3 Swim Exercise Bike

7M Recovery Run plus Strides


Med-Long Run 12M

Exercise Bike

Swim Lesson

10M with 6M at Half Marathon Pace

20M Run Watton Wheelers Cycling Club
13/3 Swim Exercise Bike

6M Recovery Run


Med-Long Run 14M

Exercise Bike

6M Recovery Run

Swim Lesson

16M plus 12M @ HM Pace Watton Wheelers Cycling Club
20/3 Swim Exercise Bike

8M GA Run


VO2 Max Run – 8 Miles with 5x800m reps at 5k Pace

Exercise Bike

5M Recovery Run

Swim Lesson 14M Run Watton Wheelers Cycling Club
27/3 Swim Exercise Bike

7M Recovery Run with Strides


11M LT Run (7M @ HM Pace)

Exercise Bike Swim

Med-Long Run 12 Miles

20M Run Watton Wheelers Cycling Club


Planned Running Mileage in March: 182 Miles

Race Updates

Only other things to note this month is that I’ve entered Sandy 10 Miler as my race for April. I also managed to successfully get into Great North Run in September, although I’m struggling for accommodation at the moment – if anyone can recommend some campsites nearby that would be appreciated. Smile


Phew – thats it. More regular updates from now!


4 thoughts on “End of February (well almost)

  1. Christ – your schedule makes me tired even looking at it!

    Also – 12M @ HM pace? A typo, surely? Because if you can do 12M at that pace in training you can go a hell of a lot quicker in a race.

    • It makes me tired as well! 🙂

      Unfortunately no typo – it is a marathon plan from Advanced Marathon book. Any consolation, I’ve started going much aster during half marathon races than I started training at!

  2. I’ve heard of the plan, and they’re pretty good from what I’ve heard and seen.

    Tbh, if you can do 12M @ HMP, it’s probably closer to MP than HMP. The session, in itself, is still a great workout to do though!

    • Having spent a bit of time reading the book again to look at the forthcoming training – it was a typo. Somehow my calendar had half marathon pace when the book has marathon pace. Ah well, I’m sure it’ll all do me good! 🙂

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