Great Swim, Wetsuits and Cycling (lots of Cycling)

Illness, Wetsuits and The Great Swim

This week started pretty poorly. I was in fact poorly. The cold that had been making its way around the office finally turned up at my desk and resulted in 2 days off work. Credit has to go to my boss who replied to the ‘sick email’ with ‘take as much time off as your training schedule allows’. So relaxing at home, catching up on some reading, a TriUK brochure was inside this months copy of Triathletes World. They were advertising wetsuit hire costing just £35 for the entire season – a cracking deal especially for a beginner like me who doesn’t want to shell out £100+ on a wetsuit that may never get used again. After taking some statistics and giving them a call, the wetsuit turned up less than 24 hours later. Outstanding service.

(PS. If that picture isn’t worth a donation to Isabel Hospice, I don’t know what is)

Obviously having taken delivery of a wetsuit, the first thing on my mind was how to make more immediate use of it. So as part of my ongoing set of challenges I’ve signed up to swimming a mile in the Thames on the 2nd July, as part of the Great Swim series of events.

Back to Training and a ‘Cycleathon’

As the cold cleared up and I returned to work. I delayed commencing training again until the Thursday. The 800m swim on Thursday was a killer, and the 4.5 mile run (was meant to be about 9 miles) was more stop-start than running. Spinning Friday morning seemed to clear the remainder of the cold, and whilst my 18 miler (with 14 miles at marathon pace) was a slog, I at least managed it, with most of the miles being under or at marathon pace – finally getting closer to finding that fitness I had. Amazing what a difference a cold can make.

Just as I was ready to fall asleep on the sofa after the run, I got a call from my father-in-law about how he’d signed me up to do a session on an exercise bike outside Tesco, Hertford to raise some money for the local Rotary Society as part of a 12 hour Cyclethon that had been organised by the local cycle club Watton Wheelers. He was also taking me to the football to stand on a terrace for a couple of hours before hand, and it’d all be good for my marathon training.

So after watching Stevenage in a cracking game draw against Aldershot (and some very controversial decisions) it was a dart off to Hertford. With my legs feeling more tired than a I don’t know what, I thought I’d just turn up a effectively free-wheel for 30 minutes. Even better news was that the stints were only 25 minutes long. A downside was everyone was comparing mileages, so I had to go for it. Smiling for the 1st 8 minutes thinking this is alright, the final 17 minutes dragged forever and were a complete killer. Evidently the person in charge of the camera forgot to operate it in the first 8 minutes, so just pictures of my dying. Its also very difficult to pose for cameras when you’ve got nothing but expletives in your mind.


And then finally the well-earned certficate:

More Cycling

So as if spinning and Cyclethons weren’t enough for the weekend, I also made a return to Watton Wheelers on Sunday. I’ve been ignoring the cycling part of the triathlon for a while, finding it difficult to juggle running commitments and learning how to swim, so now I really need to start going on a regular basis. And for the first time today I really, really enjoyed the ride. Some spectatcular scenery as we headed over towards Epping Forest before stopping for a bacon sandwich and a coffee. The return leg was much easier for some reason. Only downside was not having a camera to take some pictures with. It sounds like the cycling season is starting to get into full swing now,  so should be plenty of opportunities to get out on the bike.

Rounding The Week Off

So after a poor start to the week, missing the start of summer stuck indoors with a cold, a cracking end to the week with what appears to be a return to some kind of fitness. I also spent quite a bit of time devising a post-Edinburgh marathon ‘Triathlon’ training plan, but I’ll put that out a little nearer the time – would really welcome some feedback from the triathletes out there…


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