Isabel Hospice ’50’ mile Bike Ride

This year I’m focusing my charity fundraising for a wonderful local hospice, namely Isabel Hospice. So when I heard about a cycling event they were organising I was delighted to sign up. 3 courses were on offer – 10, 25 or 50 miles. With half an eye on the Dunwich Dynamo 120 odd mile ride in July, the 50 mile option seemed like the sensible option. Plus adding a 8 mile round cycle from home this would have easily been my longest ride ever.

The ride started well, keeping up with a couple of the faster riders from the club. The 1st stop came fairly quickly at the 10 mile mark and we stopped to have a chat about whether we’d stop or just carry on. Once stopped I heard that horrible air sound coming out of my front type. 1st thought was at least its the front type. Getting off the bike to wheel it to the pub car park to change the tyre it soon became apparent the back wheel had buckled as well – a spoke had snapped at some point. My co-riders had a look, racked their brains, couldn’t think of anything and departed – leaving me to sit in a beer garden, the downside being the pub was shut.


Over the course of the next hour or so a number of other club riders passed, some with more adventurous thoughts about fixes than others. It wasn’t until my father-in-law arrived on his 2nd lap that he worked a miracle and solved the problem, so I could at least continue to complete the 25 mile loop.

IMAG0258The ‘Fixed’ Spoke

Unfortunately my father-in-law was very near the front of the riders and him stopping to help soon saw him lose a lot of ground on them. However since I ‘bought’ the bike from him, I think that’s called karma or something.

Overall I was quite happy with the ride, although slightly disappointed not to do the 50 mile route. I’m certainly a lot more confident on the bike now, and think I’m confident enough again now to start commuting into work – something that I’ll start once Edinburgh Marathon is out the way.


Strangely the number of punctures suffered by other club riders was astonishing. Think there were 13 punctures between about 16 riders – can only assume the rain overnight had wash all the rubbish into the road.

All-in-all though an excellent event, very well organised and a lovely route. Think this is the second time Isabel Hospice have organised this event, and I’ll certainly be back next year if its on again.


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