Juneathon Day 2–Commuting Records Being Broken!

So day 2 arrived and I got on my bike at 6.30 this morning again. A lovely sight of a Virgin Hot Air Balloon greeted me as I set off on yet another lovely morning.

Cycling Commute

Being a bit more confident today and knowing my route, I actually decided to stay off the majority of cycle paths and use the roads – which meant I got into work in a fraction over 40 minutes – a new PB (can you having a commute PB?) by over 7 minutes. And just noticed the fastest speed was 30.3mph – which I think is a new record too!

The cycle home from work was a new record for getting home, I think something like 52 minutes, slightly faster than yesterdays 57 minute ride. For some reason my left shoe struggled to free itself – presume it just needs some GT85 on it. Nothing terribly more exciting that than. Oh, except a massive thanks to a lovely old VW Beetle driver who let me across lanes when I was approaching the biggest and busiest roundabout on the route.

Unscheduled Brick Session

My wife had been asked to go to our ‘old’ (or maybe current, can remember when the membership runs to and from) running club by a friend who was interested in joining a running club, so I’d geared myself up for that this evening. However my wife reported that her friend couldn’t make it so instead me and the Mrs went for a lovely trail run through the local woods. What was meant to be lovely loop turned into a more of an out-and-back route as I got a little lost and took a wrong turn. Running off the back of cycling is hardwork, and it took about 1.5 miles for legs to return to some kind of normality.



Whilst running I think I’ve devised my triathlon training plan. Planning to put it together tonight to gauge the views of any triathletes or fitness pros to get their opinions on it – all feedback more than welcome!

Another Cycling Event Entered

I’ve also been talked into doing the Stevenage Circular Ride on Sunday 19th June, a circular ride round Stevenage taking in as many of the villages as is possible. I wanted to tick the slowest box for estimated time, but my father-in-law forced me to pick one of the quicker ones. Confused smile


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