#Janathon Day 8 – Cycling Commute Out The Window

After successfully sticking to my cycling commute for 2 days last week, this week has been slightly less than inspiring.

Due to meaning to a do a long ride on Sundays (missed last Sunday due to partying on Saturday), Mondays have become a rest day (with a gentle swim as the only exercise to be performed). Tuesday then saw a half day conference in another building. I was good and check out the cycling facilities at the conference centre – their website only too happy to boast about the number of car parking space, but no word of cycle lock-ups or shower facilities. Decided to err on the side of caution and not cycle (and therefore stink).

So last night we watched the end of Schlinders List. We both seen it before, but it got sent from Tesco DVD for some reason, and it taken us a good couple of months to get round to watching it. 10.30 came by, and the film finished. Must be time before bed to watch the extras. Wrong. Stopped playing the extras at gone midnight, and hence getting up at 6am this morning just didn’t happen.

Glad to say I did manage to do a mile swim at lunch though – straight-through, no stopping, except for a couple of seconds 3 or 4 times to let a faster swimmer past.

Cycle commute will return to normal again tomorrow – promise.

PS. Testing out a new offline blogger tool, so praying this works. It looks the business, but will it perform?!


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