Juneathon Day 11 – The Weekend Begins

After open water swimming for the 1st time last week, I felt much more confident this time round, and was hoping for 2 complete laps.

When dipping my toe in this morning I realised I’d been spoilt by the next weather last week and the temperature was freezing. Talking to a few people apparently it was due to the rain last night. Still I set off struggling to build up the bravery to duck my head into the cold water.

For 750m I couldn’t get my breathing going at all. Just like last week it improved towards the end of the first lap, but at most I was putting together 10-12 continuous strokes. Stopping for a breather at the end of the lap I decided to just go for it – and lo and behold everything came together – a complete 2nd lap with no stops. Only downside was that my right arm felt ready to drop off towards the end.

Still, a mile swim (I reckon I swim an extra 50m per lap with my awful sighting!) and feeling good at the end of it.

Yesterday I hinted towards a bit of a crazy weekend coming up sporting wise. I can fortunately say I can rest a little today, until a wedding reception a bit later on, and then I’ve to make my way to Alexandra Palace for a 00.36 start for the Isabel Hospice Nightrider (a 100km bike ride through the night around London). (Un)Fortunately the end of that bike ride doesn’t signify the end of the sporting activities, but more on that later!

Right must dash, off for a house viewing… have a good weekend all.


2 thoughts on “Juneathon Day 11 – The Weekend Begins

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