Liverpool Marathon Training – Week 1 Done

So after the excitement of last weekends triathlon it was time to return to a more focussed running plan to try and get me round Liverpool Marathon in a little over 7 weeks time. Initial plans for Liverpool Marathon had been to get round and enjoy myself – this has now changed though to thoughts of trying for a new PB! This may or may not be possible, as (a) I’ve not got a lot of time and (b) The Liverpool course runs through the Mersey tunnel – which means 1.25 miles of non-stop uphill.

The Plan

On the background of success with ‘Advanced Marathoning’ for the Edinburgh Marathon earlier this year, I’ll be using the 12 week transition plan in the book. One problem being I’ve got 8 weeks rather than 12. The second problem being I’m not strictly between marathons.


Week 1 – Aches and Pains

So attempting to avoid going into nitty gritty details of every workout to bore everyone further this week has consisted of:

Spinning (MON) – Good workout. Tired legs from triathlon.
Yoga Session (MON) – 1st ever attempt. Expected to be only bloke, but wasn’t. Expected it to be easy, but wasn’t.
SWIM (TUE) – Plenty of drills.
RUN (TUE) – General aerobic. Kept heart rate zone good for 1st 4 miles, way too high in final 4 miles.
RUN (WED) – Recovery run. Should have been 5 miles, but was 8 as I helped @roxwheeler with her marathon training.
SWIM (THUR) – More drills. Noticeable improvement in times.
RUN (THUR) – 4 miles at half marathon pace as part of 10 mile run. Half marathon pace attempted was 8m 23s, turned out to hit 8 minutes dead.
FRI – Rest.
LONG RUN (SAT) – 17 miles turned into 19.5 miles. (17 focused training in heart rate zones in just over 2hr 50mins, extra 2.5 miles treated as recovery).
CYCLE (SUN) – See below.

Weekly total: S – 1.15M (1hr 05), C – 51M (5hr 15m), R – 44.5M (7hr 45m)

Watton Wheelers Tow Path to London Cycle

Apparently this ride is an annual event. I wouldn’t really know with this being my 1st year of cycling, but it had a popular turn-out of around 25 cyclists. I had the offer of having some off-road tyres being put onto my road bike, but turned it down and opted to take ‘Rusty Fox’ – my aging and free hand-me-down mountain bike. As people set-off from Watton and I saw them speeding off into the distance I quickly regretted that decision.

Really nice ride along the canal paths with some lovely views. The hardest part of the ride was being conscious of all the other path users. Plenty and plenty of runners taking advantage of the traffic free and relatively flat path.


After about 25 miles a quick coffee and cake stop. Despite lunch only being an hour and half away the size of the cake portions proved too great value and temptation.


Before shortly riding past the Olympic Stadium

And then a short ride further to the final destination and lunch spot – Dickens Inn by St Katherine Docks for a lovely pizza. Highly recommended destination for food and great value considering location.




And then finally for deserts and a laze around on one of the club members boats docked in the marina.

IMAG0369Around 45 miles covered on a very heavy and old mountain bike. Great training, but think I might have preferred the eating, drinking and boat part of the day more!


2 thoughts on “Liverpool Marathon Training – Week 1 Done

  1. I really like the sound of that ride along the towpath – is the map available online anywhere I might try it one sunday soon… (OK I’ll admit I’d be doing the cycle for the pub at the end…

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