Training Doesn’t Work, M’kay (or HSV Tri, 11/09/2011)

So after completing my first triathlon last month I came home and decided that with 4 weeks until HSV Tri I’d be able to really focus in on some swimming, cycling and brick sessions to try and improve my time, and duly entered.

In the past 4 weeks I think I’ve made it to the pool once and ventured out on my bike a handful of times. I’ve also gone on holiday for 2 weeks and moved house. Training, its fair to say, has most certainly taken a backwards step in the past 4 weeks. So much so, I was tempted to do a DNS this morning and just not turn up.


Early Start

With the triathlon due to start at 6.30 and the race briefing to be at 6.15 the alarm clock going off at 5.00am did make me wonder exactly what I was doing. Hitting the off button rather than snooze also left me running 20 minutes late. Getting my bike racked in record time and registering everything was going smoothly, and then I realised I didn’t have my timing chip on like everyone else. A quick dash back to transition to collect it before it shut and I was all set to go.


With a staggered start on swim times (with the slower swimmers going first, with 15 seconds between each swimmer) I began to rue entering an ambitious swim time of 10 minutes for the 400m pool swim. Into the water and I got overtaken by 2 swimmers, but managed to come out with a swim time of around 10m 30s. Transition was much smoother than last month and it took a little over a minute.



Getting out of transition I went to jump on my bike and got told not to. The cycle mount line was another 400-500m away. This seemed to add about 3-4 minutes to the total cycle time which again I think went about the same as last month. I overtook quite a few people on the course, but similarly got overtaken by quite a few as well. It kept my mind pretty active though as seeing peoples starting numbers allowed me to work out how much time I had gained / lost on the people I was passing / being passed by. A total time on the bike of 47m 08s, but think actually cycling time was closer to 43 minutes, due to the long run/walk to the transition area.


IMAG0456 End of Run Course Lap

The run was 4 loops of a 1.25k loop and my legs didn’t want to know. By about the 2nd lap they’d just about to come back to life and on the 3rd lap I was effectively counting down the steps until the finish line.

IMAG0457 Long awaited finish line

The Event

An excellent event on my doorstep (well, actually at my workplace) which I think is held twice a year – once in May and again in September – so ideal for monitoring progress. I’ll certainly be signing up for both events next year. Great supportive marshals on the course, and everything incredibly well sign posted. The staggered start times allow people to constantly be on the course.

They also provided an excellent little machine at the end which printed out the results once you entered your race number.



2 thoughts on “Training Doesn’t Work, M’kay (or HSV Tri, 11/09/2011)

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