WinterSwim 2011

WinterSwim is an excellent little incentive to really focus on improving swimming technique (and ultimately times one hopes!) through the cold winter months. Its open to all abilities, and it does some clever stuff with working out your improvement relative to your base 400m time.

For the 2nd year I’ve signed up. Lasts years was a short lived event, when I realised I could just about ‘not drown’ for 400m and when looking to submit my time realised I not only had by far the slowest time, it was off the radar in comparison to the other ‘slower’ times. I stopped at that point, realising I had more important swimming lessons to concentrate on, vowing a return at some point in the future.

And so here I am. My last (timed) 400m pool swim was done as part of the HSV Triathlon in September and I managed to survive for a time of 10m 30s – slighted disappointed as I was hoping for around 10 minutes.

A fortnight ago I recorded my base time, and as testament to the improvements being made slowly but surely with my tri club swimming sessions I post 9m 35s. This afternoon I returned, after a weights session this morning, to post a time of 9m 25s. So there I have my base time.

It’ll be interesting to see how swimming progresses through the winter months. Its not too late to enter by the way, a 400m base time needs to be posted to WinterSwim before Monday 28th November if you’re interested in taking part.


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