Time to Panic

Just the other day I posted my plan for 2012. A few days on, and well that plan is completely out the window. Well, maybe not completely.

I’d started that post with perhaps I’m setting too low targets in the world of exercise, having attained all my goals for 2011. The big goal of 2012 had been to complete The Full Boar Half Distance Triathlon. But quite frankly that had the word half in it.

I got home last night, and thought about all the people starting training in earnest on Monday (5th December) and dug out the plan they would be following – thinking I’ll just follow along and see how things go, so I know what I’m letting myself in for in 2014. Then catching up on Twitter I saw this tweet:


Then I asked for permission to enter Outlaw. I got told the cat could decide. If it came and sat next to us on the couch then it was a sign I should do it. And sure enough, the cat appeared, lay down on the sofa and fell asleep. That cat might be in a lot of trouble over the next few months.


So thats me in. After 5 minutes of elation, it suddenly started to dawn on me just what I’ve put myself up for. A 2.4 mile swim (with a worrying 2 hour cut-off), a 112 mile bike ride (with a 10hr 30mins cut-off), and than a marafun (26.2 mile run) for a laugh – all to be done within 17 hours.

Training starts on Monday. With a rest day. Wicked.


6 thoughts on “Time to Panic

  1. Hold on a sec. whats all this time limit mularky? I thought there was a 2.5 hour swim cut off and that was the only limiter! Having clicked the ‘confirm’ button only moments before you and prior to our twitter chat i too am looking forward to and shitting it in equal measure at the thought of a mere 15-17 hours of racing! Look forward to seeing you there and celebrating popping our IM cherries!

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