Outlaw Training Week 1

Ok, so keep me on track for Outlaw I’m going to start posting my weekly training plan. This is partly for my benefit so I’ve got an online reference for what I’m meant to be doing, but I’ve also had a number of people ask over the past few days about what exactly training for an Ironman involves.

One thing to clarify here is I’ve no idea what Ironman training involves, but I’ve got a plan and its from a good source apparently. Mr Don Fink (or ‘I Don’t Fink So’ as my Mrs put it when reading the plans and what they involved) is going to be my guide for the next 30 weeks.


The 1st 10 weeks is simply base training. This involves going gently and just getting the legs (and arms?) working, and ultimately serves to just get some miles under the belt for ‘base’ fitness. Its probably worth mentioning Fink does a number of plans, I’m following the ‘Just Get Me Round’ plan.

One significant difference from running training I’ve done in the past is that Fink’s sessions are time based rather than in miles.

So, a guide for Week 1 looks like this:


I’ve actually got an extra swim session in there, quite simply because my swim is probably my biggest limiter at the moment. And unfortunately for the forthcoming weeks and months I’m not going to be able to cycle to/from work, so I’m going to have make use of spinning and exercise bikes for the time being.


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