Race 12 of 12–Buntingford Year End 10

And so we have it. The day I’ve been looking forward to for quite a while now. The last and final race of the year, and ultimately this challenge.

This race always sees a slight change in preparation from the usual running races. Changing to turkey and Brussel sprouts for nutrition (from the usual pasta), and using Quality Street and After Eights for carbo-loading rather than… well I’m not sure. Add into the mix plenty of alcohol its fair to say Christmas was rather enjoyable. This race however wasn’t.

Having been in Ironman base training for the past few weeks (and a couple of weeks rest before then), 10 miles would be the longest distance I’d run for a good couple of months. I set off for the 1st 2 miles trying to replicate the form I was showing in October, which went fine. Mile 3 though and the inevitable stitch and sore legs came. These stayed with me for a good 4 miles before strangely I came back to something resembling life for the final 3 miles of the course.


I remember doing this race in 2009, my first ever race in Hertfordshire. Now having grown up in Hertfordshire (and not having been a runner in that time) I was under the impression that Hertfordshire was flat. This course back in 2009 made me realise that it well and truly wasn’t. I must have removed some of these hills from memory as I’m sure there were more of them this year, despite it being on the same course.


Another fantastic race in Buntingford, and ultimately after a bath, sandwich and cup of tea it was a very enjoyable experience. I’ll be back next year for certain, maybe eating slightly less chocolate and drinking less alcohol. Well, maybe…

Isabel Hospice


This saw the 12th and final race this year for Isabel Hospice. Its been a truly remarkable and enjoyable journey. For full details please see here. If you’d like to make a donation, please see here. Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Race 12 of 12–Buntingford Year End 10

  1. Congratulations and thank you! Your fundraising efforts have been so very much appreciated. We hope you enjoyed your challenge and want to say thanks on behalf of all our volunteers, staff, patients and their families!

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