#Janathon Day 4–Working Alarm Clocks & Busy Gyms

So this morning the alarm went off and I woke up. Admittedly I pressed Snooze for half an hour, but hey, still got to the swimming pool in time for a straight 1 mile swim.

One thing I really don’t understand about swimming is today I did 1 mile with full bi-lateral breathing and everything felt so much smoother and faster than almost any other swim I’ve ever done. So I at the end I looked at my watch to see 44 minutes. Last time I did a straight mile swim it took 43 minutes?!

Then at lunch I headed to the gym to sit on the exercise bike, but with it being January the gym was packed and there were no spare bikes. Managed to get on 1 for about 20 minutes. I did a fitness test on it, which just seemed to involve the resistance increasing and increasing. Still at the end it said I was in the top 100 percentile for my age group. I reported the machine as being broken.

With the gym being packed, and me questioning just how beneficial cycling on an exercise bike is, I started to research our local CTC. Turns out they do a Wednesday night ride. Now I’ve just got to remember where I put my bike lights, I’m sure I put them somewhere safe. Very safe. If you were a set of bike lights, where would you have been hibernating for the past 6 months?

Also, I’m intending to attend the #Janathon meet-up in February – who else is up for it?


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