Outlaw Training–Week 5 in Review, Week 6 in Planning

Week 5

A cracking week all round. Every session was hit, plus managed to add in an extra run session and swim session. Admittedly cramping up in the pool on Thursday wasn’t ideal, and I’m conscious of needing to get some more time on my actual bike rather than on gym bikes – so little rejigging of the plan this week. Still the same number of sessions, just a little tweaking in the ordering.

So the numbers:

Swimming – 2.72 miles, 2 hours
Running – 13.66 miles,  2 hours 15 minutes
Cycling – 76 miles, 6 hours

Plus managed to #plankaday every day, and did the leg challenge part of #fitteam12 on Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri.

Week 6 – The Plan


Things to note are the removal of anything from Thursday apart from the evening swim session to hopefully remove the cramp incident. Also all bike work will happen back-to-back. Not ideal, but it seems the only way I’m going to get time on my bike until its possible to commute to work with some sunlight.

We’ll see how these changes work, and won’t be frighten to changes things if required in future weeks.


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