Janathon Day 10–Poor Start, Great End

Day 10 began as expected with a swim session before work. The thing that wasn’t expected was non-working arms and legs – both completely shattered. Swimming was non-stop hardwork, but I managed to hold out for 1350m, just shy of the 1600m. I didn’t complete the set because some woman crashed into me, gave me a look of death and ultimately gave me the hump, so I decided best for me to leave.

Finally this evening saw a return to the running club. My training schedule is saying that I need to remain in Zone 2 for all training and the club tend to focus on intervals and speedwork so its hard to go along. Tonight I decided I’d run with trainersintherox and keep things under control.

Tonights session was 5x1000m reps. I managed to keep everything under control for the 1st 3, but very easily got talked into going for it for the final 2 – banging them out in  4m 15s. Good to know I’ve still got a little bit of speed left in the legs.

Including the run down to the club (they’ve just moved to a leisure centre 0.75m down the road from our house) and then the run to the area for the reps, the reps and the run home a total of 6.2 miles.


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