#Janathon Day 12 – WinterSwim


I really didn’t fancy this swim today. I had originally planned to go to my tri clubs swim session this evening, but a couple of beers with friends is on the table for tonight and so this lunchtime I had the option of either swimming or running for Janathon. This does of course ruin the Level 1 Challenge of #drychallenge for January’s #fitteam12 for me, but I very rarely drink at the best of times, so I’m really not too fussed.

Looking at the pool timetable it showed 25m lanes, and so the decision was made. Plus I needed to record an 800m time for this round of WinterSwim.

Every swim session this week has seen me puffing and panting. My arms have been aching and not really responding. So to consider an 800m effort today was just stupid, and I started expecting the worst. However once I got going everything didn’t seem too bad. I managed to blag a lane to myself and nobody joined me until about 350m had passed. Even then though the couple of people that did come in were very good and got out the way when necessary, and I only got stuck behind them for 2 lengths. Whilst I think this may have slowed me slightly, I think it probably also let me grab my breath as well, so it worked both ways probably.

Finishing I glanced at my watch. It started with an 18. Unbelievable. For a while now I’ve had a made up goal of being able to swim 40 minute miles in time for Outlaw in July. If (and its a very big IF!) I could hold a similar pace to this, it could be as low as 36 minutes. Still plenty of work to do, but at least some light at the end of the tunnel – which there hasn’t been with me and swimming for quite sometime.

Great Eastern Swim

This week I’ve been looking at events to enter, and I really enjoyed the Great London Swim in 2011 but unfortunately it clashes with the Great Manchester Run this year so I’m not able to do it. I have however come across The Great East Swim and am planning to enter the 2 mile race. Anybody done this event before? Anybody planning to do it this year? I thought abradypus had done it, but I couldn’t find anything on their blog.


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