Janathon Day 19–Swimming Fitness

So today saw a little return to normality with the exam out the way and a bit of focus on normal work that I actually get paid for. Then this evening was my triathlon clubs weekly swim session – and a tough one at that. The main set 2x (3x300m). I was so far behind though at a couple of points that 2 of the sets were reduced to 250m. With the warm-up and some drills that turned into 1975m – if only I’d known, I would have swum the extra length to make it 2k.

One thing I have learnt tonight about my swim though is I’ve got a dead spot when my arm comes back to enter the water. Rather than driving my arm into the water and pulling back immediately I rest my hand on top of the water for a second. I say I’ve learnt this tonight – but that isn’t really the case. I was shown it 2 months ago and thought I may have corrected it, but nope – I haven’t. After focusing on it and swimming much better I asked the coach how I can continue doing it (because its really quite tiring!) and the simple reply came back – ‘swim fitness’. Blast. Anyone know a short-cut?

Came back to home to do #legchallenge which completely killed, and then a 1 minute plank for #plankaday.


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