#Janatthon Day 23–A Fresh Start (Tomorrow)

Nothing terribly exciting to report. Today is normally a rest day in the schedule to the bare minimum of #fitteam12 and a #plankaday was the total exercise for today.

Unfortunately that was surrounded with a Chinese take-away and some Millionaires Shortbread. A very bad food day (after the rest of the day had gone so well). On the bright side a trip for healthy food was done at Sainsburys, so wipe the slate clean and start again tomorrow.

Also made these cakes. They don’t look quite as nice as they did in the book, but there are raspberries hidden underneath so hopefully they’ll taste alright.


Outlaw Week 7 Reviewed

Again a good week. A slight let down on the swimming side of stuff time wise, but ultimately the distance still exceeded that in the plan. Plus I can’t really complain about the swim sessions as the time reduction was primarily due to exams at Uni. Still, all sessions hit and some good miles on the bike over the weekend as well.

S x 3 – 2.72m, 2hr 11m
R x 4 – 17.06m, 2hr 47m
B x 3 – 74.87m, 5hr 50m

Week 8 in Planning

I did give some serious consideration to rejigging my rest day to be on a Wednesday instead of Monday to try and get an extra turbo session in, but ultimately I don’t think it’ll work out, so I’ve left it as it has been for the past 7 weeks or so. Week 8 is meant to be a ‘down’ week, so I may cut back slightly on the mileage. I’m on the verge of cycling into work again, but waiting for some lights to be delivered so this may or may not actually start this week, but will (touch wood) most certainly happen from next week.



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