#Janathon Day 24–WinterSwim and Intervals

This lunchtime was a return to the pool. The planned session coincided nicely with a 1 mile WinterSwim effort (planned session was a straight 1 mile swim). A few seconds could be knocked off with having to chop and change lanes a couple of times and someone not letting me past. So 1 mile in 38 minutes dead. Only later would I find out that the WinterSwim effort was actually only for 1500m. A quick look at my splits shows that the 1500m was done in 35m 40s. Delighted with this – if I can improve my endurance and keep this pace, I’m looking (wishfully!) at a 1hr 30m swim for the Outlaw. I’m under no illusions though – that is a very big IF!

This evening was a return to the running club. 2 session were on offer – either 600m repeats, or 400m repeats. Neither sounded that appealing, but I found myself drifting towards the 400m squad, and actually quite enjoyed it. Think the slowest split was 1m 32s. Including warm-up and warm-down meant a total of 5.72 miles this evening.

I’ve also signed up at the running club to help out with the beginners squad and also expressed an interest in the Leaders for Running and Fitness qualification.

Alongside #fitteam12 and #plankaday today has left me knackered. My better food wise though, so happy days.

Finally came across this video this afternoon. Apologises to whoever passed it my way, I can’t remember who did. Anybody doing a marathon later this year, you’ve got this to look forward to.


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