Janathon Day 25–Overdone It!

I’m sat here knackered. Completely knackered.

Today involved 13 miles in 40 minutes on the exercise bike at lunchtime. Then a 4 mile recovery run with friends after work.

Arriving home I’d previously read about a home workout, and wanting to shift some weight decided I’d follow it. I’m dubious about its claims of 9lb loss weight loss in 3 weeks. Since I won’t be following the diet prescribe and sticking to my normal cardio workouts rather than those prescribed, I suspect I won’t find out if the 9lbs in 3 weeks claim is true. But fingers crossed some comes off!

Anyway, reading the plan it all seemed easy enough. Each exercise was as many reps as possible in 45 seconds. So, squats, press-ups, lunges, inverse shoulder press (don’t ask!), cycling sit-ups and reverse dorsials or something. At the end of that I was pretty knackered. Unfortunately that was set 1, just a further 3 to go. I was dying on the 2nd, suffering on the 3rd and didn’t even attempt the 4th.

Still a lovely haggis dinner to round the day off, and nothing some sleep won’t solve. Fortunately no body  work out tomorrow, just my first attempt at helping out with the beginners squad at the running club, and then the tri club swim session.

I also watch this interesting little video this morning.


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