#Janathon Day 27 – Over Before Breakfast

Having done an extra run session yesterday, strangely todays Janathon effort was finished at 7.45am with the end of a spinning session. Unfortunately our spin instructor is on holiday for the next few weeks, and she normally does an excellent session. The stand-in still did a good job, but nothing on our normal session. Now debating whether to keep the spinning up for the next couple of weeks or abandon it and wait for the normal instructor to return.

So rather than my usual run at lunchtime I spent some time working out next weeks training schedule, and I guess now would be a reasonable time to review the week just gone (and still progressing), along with making plans for next week.

Outlaw Week 8 Reviewed

Was meant to be a ‘down’ week in the plan, but it hasn’t really felt like that. It looks like I’ll be hitting every session again which is terrific stuff and my swimming really does feel good at the moment – long may it last – which it won’t. It feels a bit premature writing all this with a brick session to come tomorrow and a long bike ride on Sunday. Fingers crossed they’ll be fine.

Outlaw Week 9 Planning

The long runs in the schedule have been slowly creeping up and until this point I’ve been ignoring them. This week will see the return of them – a starting entry of 75 minute run, which if I’m aiming to stay in Zone 2 should see me cover about 7.5 miles. Thats been put in for Friday night as I can’t really see any other time to do it – although it could get moved to Wednesday if I can organise things around trainersintherox running schedule.

Mon Rest Rest Rest
Tue Cycle to Work (20 Miles) Running Club
Wed Swim #18
Thu Cycle to Work (20 Miles) Running Club & Tri Swim
Fri Spinning Long Run – 75 mins
Sat Brick Session
Sun Long Bike Ride

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