#Janathon Day 29–Club Ride

This morning I drew back the curtains and saw nothing but fog. With the freezing cold weather of yesterday and not overly enjoying the ride due to cold hands, I semi thought this might cancel todays ride. Without a front light I decided it would be best not to ride the 10 miles to the start and opted to put my bike in the campervan and drive over.

Arriving at the father-in-laws, he was all set to go, banishing any hopes of an ‘enforced rest day’. Fortunately I’d pre-thought this could be the case and had 2 pairs of gloves with me and 3 pairs of socks on. Still didn’t completely prevent my feet from getting cold, but much, much better than yesterday. Anyway the ride went well, with the ride leader managing to find every hill possible between the start and the cafe stop. We covered 33 miles in just over 3 hours. A worrying average speed of 10.5 mph, but actual moving average speed was 13mph, taking into account forgetting to stop my watch at the cafe stop and the 2 punctures suffered by others on the ride about 5 miles from home. And a bonus was my average heart rate was well inside Zone 2.

Slightly disappointed by the total miles today, missing out on the additional 20 miles normally gained by cycling to and from the start. But good to get out there, and glad for the club as if I’d just be me today, well the temptation of going back to bed and blaming the fog would have been all too easy.


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