#Janathon Meet-up, Outlaw Week 9 Reviewed and Week 10 Planned

First Saturday of The Month 5k

In keeping with 100% attendance this year, Saturday saw me line up in Norton Common in Letchworth with 44 other hardy souls (or mentalists?) for the local running clubs 1st Saturday of the Month 5k. With a starting temperature of –7 the pre-race talk was primarily about the cold, and us being stupid enough to be there.

After talking to Soggous and _ed_h at the start we compared our race strategies and with me not really feeling the love for todays race, thought I’d try and use Soggous as a pace setter. Within seconds of the start though Soggous disappeared into the distance.

2 really good laps of the common followed, and the cold disappeared from my body. An unofficial time of 23 mins and 26 seconds, and a 13th place finish, I thought I’d set a new PB – but after checking turns out I need to run some 30 seconds faster to achieve that.

Another really good run, and there seems to be quite a community starting to form now. Looking forward to the next one in February.

Some photos are here.

Janathon Meetup

After finishing the 5k a very quick trip to Hyde Park to meet up with some fellow #Janathon participants. Whilst some of the others did a 5k ran, I stood with trainersintherox and jogblog minding the bags and getting cold.

Afterwards it was a trip to a nearby pub, and then Prezzo to enjoy pizza and cheesecake. Really good to meet the others and finally put some faces to the names of the blogs I’ve been following for a while.

Outlaw Week 9 Reviewed

Not the greatest week of training. Think my Masters starting again has had more impact than I really first considered. Fortunately I managed to get my long bike ride in before the snow came along, and strangely a club run turned into exceeding the planned long run distance for this week.

Another major success for this week was my longest swim ever, covering 2.5km in under an hour.

Due to the snow, todays long ride was going to be a session on the spinning bike at the gym, but (un)fortunately due to the promise of a Sunday roast this isn’t going to happen. Think today will be an enforced race day and I’ll hit the gym tomorrow (or take advantage of the clubs turbo session on a Monday for the 1st time ever).

Swim: 2.55m, 1hr 49m 
Bike: 27.75m, 1hr 50m
Run: 21m, 3hr 45m

Outlaw Week 10 Planned

Mon     Turbo
Tue Cycle to Work   Run
Wed Swim   Run (Long – 9M)
Thur Cycle to Work   Run + Swim
Fri   Swim  
Sat Brick Session    
Sun Long Ride (2 hrs)    

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