Week 14 Reviewed, Week 15 Planned

Week 14 Reviewed

A pretty good week really. Ended with a slight disappointment, but in a strange way may have reworked my scheduled permanently for the better.

Anyway, I worked out that if I use the tri clubs turbo session on a Monday it enables me to blag a free brick session, by running there and back.

Tuesday saw me cycle to work, in a new PB. I’m fully aware of trying to stick the heart rate zones as best I can, and therefore I’m attempting not to worry too much about how long it takes to get to work, but every little success needs to be noted!

Wednesday was a poor session in the pool – didn’t get out of bed early enough so had to go at lunchtime, which didn’t leave enough time to do the required 2.5k, ending with just 1.6k and a slightly sore shoulder.

Due to the sore shoulder, I didn’t go to the tri club Thursday night swim, and opted instead to get my long run in – 9.5 miles in just over 1hr 30.

Feeling guilty at missing the swim, did a gentle straight mile swim Friday lunchtime. The plan was then to cycle home, but with gray skies I decided I’d get out on the bike twice over the weekend.

Saturday was 45 miles, 3hr 10 minutes, non-stop. Lovely little ride, and plenty of time on the tri-bars.

Sundays bike ride was missed due to a non-starting campervan. But this week worked quite well, and so its looking like one day of the weekend might now become my rest day rather than the Monday as it has been up to now. This might have to be rejigged ever so slightly when long runs become more apparent, but for now I’ll see how this works out.

Week 15 Planned

The big focus of this week is the 80 mile cycle at the Wiggle No Excuses Sportive. Not quite sure how this event is going to work, but I’m certainly looking to do 56 miles (half ironman distance) non-stop. It’ll be at a gentle pace and I’ll be watching my heart rate for the ride. Other than that, hopefully a more successful swimming week and the long run will be in the region of 9 miles again.

Day AM Lunch PM
Mon Brick Session
Tue Cycle to Work
Wed Swim #26 Run (Long?)
Thu Run (45 mins) Tri Club Swim
Fri Cycle to Work Cycle home from work
Sun Wiggle No Excuses 80 Miler

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