Week 15 Done, Week 16 Commences

More than just the normal review coming up. The end of Week 15 signified the half way point of the 30 week training plan to get me round the Iron Distance of Outlaw.

Half Way Point

Looking back, I’m not sure I feel half way to completing such an event. I do feel I’ve got a good base under me, and hopefully (and I suspect is the case) it will be built upon in the next 15 or so weeks. Other things I’d completely forgotten about is the half distance ‘warm-up’ event I’ve got coming up – which is about 9 weeks away.

So just a brief recap of each sport as an overall perception is to where I’m at, and where ultimately I’d like to get to:

Swim – came on leaps and bounds for the 1st 10 weeks, probably due to assigning 3 sessions per week to it. However the past 5 weeks haven’t shown as much improvement as I would have initially liked – this is due to the time constraints of not being able to fit in a 2.5k swim, the standard distance for all sessions in Weeks 11-20. I’m just hoping with Open Water swimming opening up in a few weeks I’ll be able to get more time to get a bit more distance under my belt. I’m still clinging to the hope of a 1hr 30 swim on the day, but have a straight 2.5k swim coming up this week that should give me a better indicator as to exactly where I’m at.

Cycling – I’ve been hitting all the training sessions for this, and ultimately am a much better cyclist now than this time last year (which probably isn’t really saying very much). Yesterday I did 80 miles, and even with stops the average speed was within the cut-off period. It did become clear though that I really do need to get more long distance miles in on the bike, to have stronger legs for the run if nothing else. To address this I’m already picking out the longer distance between the ‘Get Me Round’ and ‘Intermediate’ training plans. However, I think I might have to look to set some figure of 60 miles per week and no less from here on in. With the clocks going forward, hopefully riding home from work will become an option, along with perhaps increasing that commute but going a less direct way home.

Run – I’ve done a couple of 10 mile runs without incident. A bit panicked by the lack of miles at this stage, but comparing it to a normal marathon training plan, that would be starting off now, so not overly concerned. I’ve got faith in the training plan, so will just stick to it.

Week 15 Reviewed

A much better training week, and probably the best one out of this block of ‘build’ phase from the training plan.

Monday was a turbo session with the tri-club, but I’ve also started incorporating the brick session into this by running home afterwards. So a 1.5 mile run there, 1 hour on the spinning bike, and then just under 3 mile run home.

Tuesday was a cycle into work day, so 20 miles in just under 1hr 20m.

Wednesday saw a return to morning swimming to desperately try and do the 2.5k session. Once again, time got the better of me, and only managed just over 2k in the hour.

Thursday was a lunchtime run of 4.5 miles in just over 40 minutes. An evening session in the pool with the tri-club turned out as a mile in just under an hour (although plenty of talking and descriptions about what drills we were doing).

Friday I got up late and so the planned cycle into work turned into a lunch time spin session for 35 minutes in the gym.

Saturday I decided to take as a rest day, and then yesterday I did the Wiggle ‘No Excuses’ Sportive – a significant 80 mile ride in a total time of 5hr 55m, with approximately 35-40 minutes of stops involved. The total average for the ride was 13.7mph, but the moving average was around 15.3mph, so really bang on the pace I’d be looking to do for Outlaw. I think the Outlaw course is flatter than that one yesterday, and there were some strange winds blowing around, so hopefully on a better day in July things might be a little easier.

Weekly Summary: Swim 2.25 Miles, 1hr 53m, Cycle: 126 Miles, 8hrs 50m, Run: 19 Miles, 3 Hrs

Week 16 Planned

Big focus of this week is a party in Cardiff, so that results in this weekend being enforced rest. I may get out for a late night Sunday run if I’ve got the energy, but I suspect that won’t happen. Normally, after a long ride like yesterday, I’d take today as my rest day, but with the weekend coming up and no training I’ll just have to plough on for now. There are also a couple of logistic issues with the car and getting to work, so cycling to work may or may not happen. If this is the case, then cycling might have to be on a haphazard basis this week.

Day AM Lunch PM
Mon Brick Session (1.5m-1hr-3m)
Tue Cycle to Work Running Club (45 mins)
Wed Fink Swim #27 – 2.5k Straight Long Run – 7.5 miles
Thu Run – 45 mins Tri Club Swim
Fri Long Bike Ride – 60 Miles+

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