Outlaw Training Week 18 Reviewed / 19 Planned

Week 18 Done

A big week this one.

Sunday saw a big brick session. This weekend according to the training plan was meant to be an Olympic distance race, but I couldn’t find one at this time of year to enter. It all clashed with a cycling event this weekend, so it got moved a week forward. I did originally start with plans to head to the swimming pool and do an actual triathlon, but that seemed like too much hassle. Instead I went for a 48 mile cycle, going fairly hard, and then running 7.75 miles off the bike at more or less my planned Outlaw pace.

Monday saw some tired legs, so decided to take an extra rest day.

Tuesday I woke late, and thus the swimming session had to be done at lunch time. I always struggle to get the distance in at lunch time, and with it being the Easter holidays the pool was rammed. I did think about leaving after 400m, but somehow managed to swim 2k. The evening saw a return to the running club for some 400m reps, totalling 5.5 miles.

Wednesday I cycled to work (20 miles), and then got dropped off half way home after work for a 10 mile run home. I hadn’t really eaten properly at work, and forgot my drink so this run was tough. I think there were still remains of the weekends brick session in my legs too.

Thursday I missed my cycle to work due to getting up late. However this swimming session at night was much better. 2k swam, but surprisingly the actually swim time was under 40 minutes. The session was 400m, 1 min rest, 2x200m with 45 secs rest, 4x100m with 30 secs rest with a final 8x50m with 15 secs rest, with the associated warm-up and down. I held my pace throughout, so I was quite delighted and swimming actually felt strong.

Friday was a rest day.

Saturday – Double Dutch Sportive – 210km

Today saw me hit quite a few firsts. My longest ride up to today had been 83 miles, so I finally got a century (100 miles) under my belt, quickly followed by 200k. The total ride for today was 130 miles, which also took me past the 1000 cycling miles for the year. Excluding stops for eating etc… my overall time seemed to be just under 9 hours, with an average pace just over 15mph. Happy days, especially considering the route was as close to the Outlaw course as possible. Quite a few lessons learnt though:

* 90 miles isn’t too bad, 130 is.
* I need some chamois cream or something.
* My Wiggle bib-shorts are excellent, and much better than my Aldi £12 leggings for long rides.
* The lads that I do these rides with are too good for me. Very polite and happy to wait, but ultimately far too fast!
* Running a marathon after 112 miles is going to be harder that I first thought. A run/walk strategy is almost certainly going to happen.

Totals for Week 18 – Swim 2.42 miles (~ 2 hours), Bike 198 miles (12 hrs 45m), Run 23.25 miles (4hrs)

Week 19 Planning





Monday Possible Bike Ride    
Tuesday Swim (2.5k)   Running Club (1 hour?)
Wednesday Cycle to Work (20 miles)   Long Run – 13 Miles
Thursday Cycle to Work
(20 miles)
  Swim – Drills
Friday   Run  
Saturday Cycle – 4 Hours    
Sunday Race – Hertford 10k    

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