What Next Then?

Long Term Thinking

Despite the first question following ‘How did that Ironman thing you did go?’ being ‘And whens your next one?’, I don’t intend to return to Ironman distance ‘racing’ again in the near future. Long term I’d like to. But due to my inexperience on the bike the day quickly became a day of survival, rather than competing against the clock.

Towards the end of the training I was getting bored of long distance steady training and itching for some faster stuff. So thats where my next focus goes.

Alongside the long-term aim of another Ironman, I’m also going to look to significantly try and reduce my marathon time. My fastest marathon time was set last year and Edinburgh and I stuck to my goal time aims. With hindsight I think I could have gone quite a bit faster, and my half marathon and 10 mile times later in the year certainly appear to indicate this.

So for the next 12-18 months I’m going to return to shorter distance stuff. Focusing primarily on 5k and 10k times in the next 9-12 months, before then gauging some new time targets for my half marathon races based on any improvements. I’ll then review the progress made and decide on my next steps.

The Very Next Steps

I’ve got a shiny new training plan. Focusing primarily on running and then slotting in some cycling and swimming around it to keep the triathlon stuff ticking over. I’m also looking to incorporate plenty of speedwork on the bike as well.

Key Dates

An ideal race is the Standalone 10k to measure progress. Sadly this clashes with a re-arranged Sprint Triathlon that was cancelled in May, so I may be on the hunt for another one. My local 5k will be used to monitor progress but its not the friendliest of 5k courses for getting good times – I think a visit to St Albans Park Run might be in order in October to really set a good time.

Date Race
4/8 First Saturday of Month 5k
1/9 First Saturday of Month 5k
16/9 (Potentially) Great North Run
7/10 Bedford Sprint Triathlon


2 weeks of training coming up then, and then a blast at a 5k to use as a starting point for all future training sessions.

Looking forward to it.


4 thoughts on “What Next Then?

  1. Are you doing the Great North Run after all? Looks like our times are broadly similar for PBs for half and full marathon, but you’re faster on the half. Sorry to put this in a comment section (couldn’t see a contact button), my running blog is over at http://www.myrunninglife.co.uk which you might like to check out too. Cheers.

    • Hi Stephen – sorry replying here, couldn’t see any contact details on your blog either!

      Yep, got a place in the GNR, so just under 3 weeks to go. Training hasn’t gone to plan due to lack of mojo and tired legs after Outlaw – not hopeful for a good time!

      Am I right in thinking your doing Berlin? Best of luck!

      • Good point, I’ll need to get a contact button up!

        GNR looks good but I see it’s fully subscribed. Sorry the training hasn’t gone well. Enjoy the day anyway and hopefully the Red Arrows will be out over the bridges!

        Yes I’m doing Berlin, it’s my second marathon. Did Loch Ness last year and would like to see how a flat course compares. Was meant to be running Glasgow Half this coming sunday but I’m out of that because of a sciatic nerve strain. A nuisance but can’t be helped, the main focus is the marathon! I’ll be subscribing here and looking out for your GNR post – good luck!

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