Measuring, Measuring and More Measuring

The Ugly

Its been so long since I last blogged, I had to read the blog to find out what I’d said, and what I’d promised to do.

Turns out I’d blogged about doing the Great North Run. Well, I did it. In a new Personal Worst rather than Personal Best, and by some distance. I fell ill on the Saturday afternoon and sensibly decided not to run. By 10.40am on the Sunday I found myself stupidly on the start line telling myself I could drop out at Mile 5 as that was where the car was parked. Anyway, walking most of the 13.1 miles, and getting round in around 3hrs 30m (haven’t actually checked official time). Turns out I ended up with a week off work with the 2nd stomach infection in a little over 6 weeks. Still, got a t-shirt and medal!

Bedford sprint didn’t happen either. The illness knocked me for six and took 3-4 weeks to fully recover from. So no training happened, and hence nor did Bedford Sprint.

The Good

Started cycling again. The bad part of this is I’ve never really been a cyclist. But now it turns out I’m less of a cyclist than I wasn’t a little over 3 months ago. I’ve cycled twice with the local tri club and they’ve been incredibly friendly, but they fly up the hills and then have to plod whilst I spin my way up, slowly. I’ve also been out myself, 37.5 miles this morning taking in the delights of a charity fry-up for breakfast and watching 3 people from Watton Wheelers take on the 1 Mile Up Hill Time Trial. They nearly talked me into it, but due to lack of training, not for me this year. Pencilled in for next year though.

I’ve also received a turbo trainer for my birthday (not for 2 weeks) but have been ticking the legs over on that, and I’m sure its going to make a massive improvement. And the biggest improvement may come from a new frame turning up shortly which might actually fit me and resolve some of my back pain.

Running has also been becoming more regular, 10 miles yesterday too. Stevenage Half marathon is coming up in 2 weeks time, which will most certainly be a training run for me. I also got round to entering Buntingford Year End 10 Miler, which is my main focus for this year, along with trying to improve my cycling.

Swimming, well, is swimming. Must get back to the pool soon.

The Bad

Well this may happen next week. I’m going to take part in the Stevenage End of Summertime ride. There are 2 options for rides, and I’m currently swaying between the 2 – circa 40 miles or around 100km. Tempted by the 100km, but also conscious that if its on my current bike I’ll be popping pain killers on the start line, and probably on the course. Still, blog post about that coming next week.

Measuring Once, Measuring Twice…

Finally, I’ve spent most of the past couple of weeks measuring things to gauge where I am. Hopefully I’ll be able to revisit these and see some improvement(?) in the coming months:

5km Running – I did First Saturday of the Month this month. Some 2 minutes down on where I normally am. Time: 25m 13s.

Swimming – 400m in 9m 30s. WinterSwim is starting soon and hopefully I’ll see similar progress to last year. Think I was close to 8m 00s at peak last year for 400m.

Cycling – Well, this has been heart rate measuring. I’m now embarking on the Time Crunched Cyclist plan for the next 11 weeks – be interesting to see what, if any, improvements are made.


This Weeks Training

So to try and maintain this focus that has been building its time for me to start giving my weekly training plan, which seems to work well on making me stick to the tasks set.

Day Time Type Session Details
Monday Rest Rest
Tuesday AM Turbo 1hr at EM with 4x6m efforts (5 mins rest between intervals)
Tuesday Evening Run NHRR Club Session
Wednesday AM Swimming 200m WU
8x50m Drills
5x100m @ 20s
300m WD
Thursday AM Turbo 1hr at EM with 4x6m efforts (5 mins rest between intervals)
Thursday Evening Run NHRR Club Session
Friday Lunch Run 3-4 Mile Recovery Run
Friday Evening Swimming FreedomTri Session
Saturday AM Run 10 Miles
Saturday PM Turbo 90m EM Ride
Sunday AM Cycle End of Summer Ride

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