Liverpool Rock n Roll Marathon 2014–Entered

So having worked hard on my cycling and swimming, its time to return to running again. Also with the prospect of the imminent arrival of a little one in the house, I’ve got to scale back my training time. I’m still going to keep my hand in triathlon, but for the next 9 months or so my focus will be on running. Simply because its quicker and easier to get out the door with a moments notice.

This is also the 1st year I haven’t run a marathon since 2008. I had entered Snowdon marathon but have passed my place on. I’m not sure I’ve missed doing the 16 mile + runs, but think my body has suffered by packing on a couple of extra pounds. My running certainly has suffered.

To address all this I’ve entered Liverpool Rock n Roll Marathon. This could have the makings of a fantastic event, but there is very little information about it on the Internet at the moment. I’ve entered early on primarily to focus attention, and because there was an early-bird discount price (always saving a few pennies!).

Training Plan

Last night I put together some kind of training plan for this autumn, where I’d hope to get some speed in my legs and regain some of the endurance I’ve no doubt lost.

2013-09-03 16.35.33

The entire plan is with a pinch of salt. The baby obviously takes priority over everything else, but with a lot of lunchtime sessions, and hopefully the odd escape for a long-run things could be alright. Perhaps sleep might take an even greater priority though!

The plan is an adaption from the Advanced Marathoning book that I’ve previously waxed lyrical about. Not quite as much mileage, simply to get the sessions done in lunchtimes. But I’m hoping to adopt it for the build up to Liverpool Marathon, so might see myself getting a few early morning starts in.

Build Up Races

So this side of the New Year I’ve entered Stevenage Half Marathon (3rd November) and intend to enter Buntingford Year End 10 Mile (TBD). Both races form a staple part of my autumn running calendar, although I often turn up under-trained and they serve as reminders to start training again – hopefully this year things might be different!

I’ll look at money and half marathons next year to form part of the build up to the actual marathon.

First Training Session – Maximum Heart Rate

So today saw my first training session. I’m using a Heart Rate Based plan which has been successful for me in the past. My method for determining Max Heart Rate is to warm-up and then sprint up a hill 3 times (distance approx 500m) and jog back down between efforts.

I started my first sprint today and immediately thought this is easy and I should be going harder. These easy thoughts lasted for about 150m and then the next 350m were spent in agony and wondering if I’d gone off too fast. At the top of the hill the Heart Rate Monitor said 180bpm. The 2nd sprint I didn’t even make the top of the hill before abandoning after about 400m. HRM read 178bpm this time. I’m pleased to say I made it to the top for the last effort, and HRM said 179bpm. With tired legs from a weights session yesterday I’ve made the executive decision to take the HR reading up to 182 to use a the basis for this training plan.

Tomorrow sees the Long Runs start again – 12 miles. Oh oh.


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