Weekly Review (w/c 11/11/13)

I’ve realised I was training better when I was doing a weekly blog post about my training. Not sure if this is because of reflection and a conscious look at what was going on, or because I was putting it out there and making a pact with you the (single) reader of this blog. So I’m afraid I’m going to start a weekly post again to see things are on the right track!

Last Week (w/c 4/11)

After the disappointment of Stevenage Half Marathon I woke up with a cold, which made me feel a bit better and perhaps helped explain why I was 10 minutes down on my expected time, which was still 10 minutes further down on my ‘usually fit’ time. Still I packed my running kit and took it to work each day, and each lunchtime came and went with Lemsip being the preferred option.


I also topped myself up on chocolate in the evenings, which seemed to work a treat.

Thursday came, and I felt I couldn’t play on this cold any longer so had to venture out for a lunchtime run. Unsure of what to do, I thought I’d check my carefully put together training plan for the base work of Liverpool Marathon, and somewhat targeted to Buntingford Year End at the end of the year. A 5 mile recovery run was the order of the day, which sounded just about perfect. I ventured out into Hatfield for my typical run along the cycle paths for 4 miles of gentle, recovery running – albeit done a little bit faster than planned.

Friday was another gentle run, this time 5 miles in length. Still not feeling a 100% and legs not feeling great, but suspect this is due to lack of miles rather than illness.

Saturday is more commonly known as ParkRun or 5k today. As part of my limited birthday celebrations I had planned to head to Wimpole ParkRun, because it’s a great, challenging course, but more importantly has a fantastic cafe. Esme though had other plans and with a couple of night-feeds and nappy changes it soon went out the window! Sleep become more important, which was a shame because the estate looked fantastic (Picture via @_martyn_fisher).


So after some sleep I decided to go and run the FSOTM 5k course. Another trail run that I do on almost a monthly basis, and with the rain it’d turned into a good old mud bath. I suspect there won’t be many people running their PBs now on that course for the rest of the winter, and I got round in 26 mins 38 sec – a combination of lack of fitness, mud, and no-one to compete against I suspect.

So that just left Sunday. I had planned to do between 8-12 miles depending on how I was feeling. However Esme again had other ideas and decided to be up the entire night! Sunday was drifting by, and I’d virtually talked myself out of running altogether. Evening came and I decided I need to get out for something, anything. Originally planning to do 6 miles, my legs actually felt pretty good and I had a cracking (albeit slightly slow) 7 mile run. Great way to round off the week!

So a grand total of 19 miles, but it’s a start!

This Week Planned (w/c 11/11)

Priority for this week is to dig out the heart rate monitor and start training in zones again. This will reap the quickest rewards I think. I also need to dig out my notes about what heart rate relates to which zone!

Monday – Rest day
Tuesday – 5-6 Miles General Aerobic Run
Wednesday – 5-6 Miles with 4 Miles at Half Marathon Pace (8:30 – 9 m/m?)
Thursday – 5M Recovery
Friday – 4M Recovery / Evening Swim?
Saturday – Wimpole ParkRun (or 5k Norton Common)
Sunday – Long Run (sleep dependent 8-12 miles!)


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