2013 In Review

To coin an football cliche, it was a year of 2 halves. Or 2/3rds, and then a third on the end more accurately.

Looking back to this time last year, I didn’t blog any goals for this coming year. In February I did a quick post of some races I was planning on targeting, but with an awareness of my Masters dissertation being a priority. Anyway, I digress.

What Went Well

  • Cycling. This was a focus of the year. I purposefully looked to cycle more than run this year. And until August I reaped the rewards of all that extra work. I was averaging speeds in races I’d never really seen before (just shy of 18mph during Bedford Olympic Tri and just outside 3 hours for a half-ironman bike leg).
  • Sub 6 hour Half Ironman. Just though (and on a slightly short course). A lack of specific run training shone through, but suppose that makes sense with the focus on running.
  • Swimming – still some amazing gains. An goal was to swim a sub-32 minute mile – which I think I more or less did at Ely Half-Ironman.

What Went Badly

  • With hindsight, nothing particularly. But things could have gone better. Running went backwards, but perhaps understandly with the focus being on other aspects of tri. Only 1 PB this year, a full second off my 5k time (22:49). Everything else was substantially slower.
  • Extra weight and injury. Loss of fitness at the end of the season (for good reason though!). After Ely, training went on the back foot. Along with diet. But that was because of needing to get ready (and eventually becoming) a dad. Excellent stuff, but the lack of training and proper eating showed during events (Stevenage End-of-Summer & Stevenage Half Marathon and Ashwell Half). And then injury struck – mainly due to trying to start back where I left off, rather than taking a slower approach to return.
  • Keeping on the theme of ‘for a very good reason’, I entered but then didn’t do Snowdon Marathon. Far too close to the due date for Esme, and there were jobs about the house that took priority over 20 mile runs on a weekend.

So that’s 2013 in a brief review. Plans for 2014 will come tomorrow – I’m trying to get into the habit of daily blogging for Janathon (but more on that tomorrow).


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