2014–In Planning

So having review 2013 yesterday, today sees thinking around the 2014 year.

A couple of small caveats to whatever follows. I’ve got my Masters dissertation to do, which has to be done by April, so that kinda takes priority over most of this stuff. I’ll also be training for the 1st time with a little one in the house, and if the last 2 months are anything to go by, I’ll probably favour sleep to getting out the door and training! However, with all good intentions:

I’ve been struggling with thoughts around giving up triathlon. I keep to-ing and fro-ing with the idea. Swimming requires a swimming pool (at least in the winter months), and cycling is just very time consuming (check tyres, clean(?), general maintenance, and then actually finding kit and going out for a ride). So those 2 aspects of tri take a considerable amount of time. Running, on the other hand, is just grab trainers and go when a window appears. But I’ve put loads of effort into my swimming and cycling in the last few years and so giving it all up isn’t something I want to do lightly. And so…:

  • Running comes first. I’ve entered Liverpool Rock n’ Roll Marathon (May). And training intentions are to get out at lunchtimes at work, run a ParkRun on a Saturday (alternating with my partner as she makes her return to running, and hopefully reigning grand-parents into baby-sitting on occasional weeks!), with a long run on a Sunday morning. Proper training starts on January 18th, and I’ll be following a slightly shortened personal take on an Advanced Marathon plan I’ve used previously.
  • Swimming. I’ll attend the weekly swim session on a Friday with the triathlon club to at least attempt to maintain some kind of swimming technique. I’ll then attempt to make some of the open water swim sessions when the weather heats up a little. Depending on how well this goes, I’m hopefully of doing one of the Great Swim events later in the year (perhaps Loch Lomond to tie in a short holiday to see some relatives).
  • Cycling. This will be the first thing to drop of the schedule if things prove too difficult to maintain. But, I’m hoping to turbo early mornings before work, and then when the clocks go forward I’ll start to commute in. I have entered Wiggle ‘No Excuses’ (March) which I still hope to do, but it really will depend on my commitment to getting up. I’d also like to cycle to ParkRuns again, as these were brilliant sessions, but we’ll see how that pans out as the year progresses.

After Liverpool Marathon, I’ll review how well this high-level training plan has gone and what impact it has had on home life. If possible I’d like to return to Ely Monster Half Ironman to better my time, or if cycling and swimming really haven’t happened, I’d look to enter another marathon, or really focus in on beating some Autumn half marathon times. I guess this year will be a story of 2 halves again.

Other random thoughts:

  • I’ve previously mentioned that I’m going to try and PB at 5k distance each month. That’s still an aim.
  • I’m going to get some more core / weight training in to help lose some weight and get stronger. This has already started in earnest with daily press-ups, sit-ups and planks. Starting in January its going to be 30 press-ups a day, 10 sit-ups, 90 sec planks and hopefully get some squats in there too. Every 3rd day I’m going to add 1 rep to the totals. And then continue this throughout the year. I’m also going to investigate the boot-camp they hold at work on a Friday lunchtime.
  • To help kick-start the year, I’ll be doing Janathon again.janathon-participant-logo
  • I’ve also signed up (again) to Jantastic (and therefore Febulous and Marchvellous too).
  • I’ve also drawn up my high-overview training plan up until Liverpool Rock n Roll marathon so know roughly what I should be doing each day until then.

I’ve got a plan. I might have the time. Just need to make sure I’ve got the commitment now.


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