Janathon Day 3–The SweatShop ‘just under’ 5 miler

Having resolved the issue of accessing the shower block at work yesterday, and with a delivery waiting at SweatShop Hatfield, a lunchtime run with the rucksack again sounded like the plan of the day.

I decided yesterday that I’m going to include more hills as part of my runs (after climbing a local hill used for hill repeats yesterday en route to the Sorting Office). So I turned out of my way to climb the only hill I’ve found in Hatfield, getting to the top, to then run back down it. I’m sure it’ll all pay off in the long run (pun not intentional). (In fact, I know it will, the last time I did marathon training I was living with my parents in a village with hills either side of it. I took 45 minutes off my PB, probably in part to those hills).

Running a circular route to pick up SweatShop on the way back, I was expecting just one delivery. Unfortunately both orders had turned up, resulting in me having to somehow cart 3 pairs of trainers and some clothes the 1.5 miles to the office.

Unfortunately, there won’t be any pictures of the new trainers. One pair I thought were neutrals have a stability block in them so need to go back. And the others don’t look quite as nice (or durable) as they did online. So both will be going back tomorrow, and I’ll be raiding the Adidas offer before it runs out!

So 4.3 very rainy miles done. Actually felt enjoyable today though. Turbo-ing didn’t happen, but I’m still doing my push-ups (30), sit-ups (10) and plank routine (90 seconds). The push-ups and sit-ups are getting easier, the plank harder. This will be the final day at those numbers before increasing them tomorrow.

Janathon Summary

Today’s Running: 4.3 miles, 43 minutes
Total: 10.5 miles, 1 hour 48 mins


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