Janathon Day 6–Showers (Part 2) and Crap Eating

I don’t really want every 3rd Janathon post to be about showers, but I can’t really avoid it today. But more of that later.

This morning I woke at 5.30, fed my daughter her bottle and then spent ages debating whether to go back to sleep or get up and do my turbo session on the bike. After about 20 mintues I jumped* out of bed, into my cycling shorts and did 30 minutes on the turbo. A quick shower, breakfast and made my lunch (which I then left on the kitchen counter) before dashing off to work.

Struggling to stay awake during the morning meetings, and trying my best to suppress my rumbling stomach, I then had a ding-dong match with myself about whether to go for a lunchtime run or get fed. On a whim I got out for the run, being careful to double check that the ‘Out of Order’ sign had been taken down from the shower in our building.

The run was nothing of real note. I was meant to be keeping my heart rate under 151, but also decided to take on some hills in Hatfield – so that wasn’t going to happen. Legs were also tired from this mornings turbo, and the wind didn’t really help matters.

Getting back in and heading to the shower I made a mental note to keep an eye on any leaks in case the shower hadn’t been repaired. I needn’t have worried. I turned on the shower. Nothing. Turned it off and on again. Nothing. Debated getting changed into sweaty running stuff and darting across the road to the other showers, but didn’t really fancy that. So it was a quick wash using the hand basin and stinking out the office for my co-workers. Ah well.

Not certain I’ll be getting up so early tomorrow. Turbo-ing has left me shattered, so might have to build slowly. Am working from home Wednesday so should be able to do the turbo instead of the morning commute. Its also been a bad food day today. As I said I left my lunch on the side this morning, so a typical work lunch of sandwich, chocolate and crisps was had. I’ve then been trying to combat tiredness with sugary snacks this evening. Early night tonight and back on the bandwagon tomorrow.

Janathon (Running) Summary

Today: 4 miles, 41:23
Janathon Total: 25.7 miles, 4 hrs 30 mins

* crawled


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