Janathon Day 14–Lunchtime Run

Was planning on doing the standard 5 mile run when I remembered that the footpath was flooded last week, so decided to head up and down the hills. The good news is the heart rate is starting to come down for similar pace runs now. Still not overly focused on it, that over-analysing on each run will happen from next week. The 4.1 miles today takes my total for the month to 53 miles, which keeps me on target for 100 miles this month.

Also after a couple of days break, back on the wagon with the core work. 38 press-ups tonight, 20 sit-ups and a 2 minute plank.

Finally I’ve been looking at my diet (I’ve been using MyFitnessPal since the start of the year). I can see that I’m not getting anywhere near enough protein, and I’m also probably eating too many carbs. Need to rack my brains for how I can change this.


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