Janathon Day 17–A New Toy (oh, and yet another lunchtime run)

First lets get the exercise bit out of the way for Janathon purposes. I ran 4.7 miles at lunchtime. Again I ventured down a usual route to find its still flooded from the last time I ran down there. That meant it’d be close to a 4 mile out-and-back run, but I decided to add some extra loops on at the end round the University campus to try and get the mileage a bit closer to 5 miles.

The renewed enthusiasm may have come from this turning up at 11am:

2014-01-17 11.32.20

Yep, I’ve got a FitBit Flex through work (with a small contribution to the cost). There has been talk, and movement towards, some kind of inter-department competition. I’m not entirely sure what it’ll entail. We’ve been wearing something called a Pebble for a few months now and its been interesting to see how many steps you take on an active day (and perhaps even more interesting to see how few steps are possible when lazing around!).

Anyway, the 4.7 miles seemed to correlate to just shy of 10,000 steps. For a 45 minute run, that would work out to be a cadence of 111 – which seems a bit high. Or perhaps I’m closer to running like Mo Farah than I originally thought – just got to look past the times…


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