Janathon Day 22–Running Naked

That title should prove for a few interesting Google keywords finding my blog.

Not strictly naked you understand. I’ve made a vow to really make every training session as part of this marathon training plan – I can’t do the full mileage required, so making all the sessions should help that. But my commitment to that vow would not cross the line into naked running.

No, today’s naked running refers to leaving my Garmin at home. Not on purpose though, just being forgetful enough not to pack it. Anyway today’s run was meant to be a recovery run, keeping heart rate under 142 bpm. Without a Garmin I’ve no idea whether I achieved this or not. I did manage what looks like 4 miles, but I’ve no idea how long it took me. It felt slow though.

*packs Garmin for tomorrows run*


2 thoughts on “Janathon Day 22–Running Naked

  1. I don;t have a Garmin or any such gadget, but sometimes make a conscious effort not to check my time during the run – just so I can run at my own pace in my own way without feeling under pressure. I quite enjoy that!

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