Janathon Days X, Y and maybe Z–I’ve lost track

Completely lost track. Seems like Day 22 was the last day I blogged.

Day 23 – I think it was a planned 5 Mile ‘General Aerobic’ running – basically aiming to keep heart rate below 152 bpm, but I didn’t pack my kit before going to work, so it actually turned in an unscheduled rest day.

Day 24 – well, that then turned out to be what I had planned for Day 23. In the middle mile I did my strides – basically running with improved form and a bit more effort for a short distance. I do 0.1 mile effort, 0.1 mile recovery job, and repeat until the mile passes. A good run, I seem to remember.

Day 25 (Saturday). It was yet again ParkRun aiming. Woke at 6.30, hit snooze and went back to sleep. A bit of a hectic day, but managed to get a 2 mile gentle run in at some point in the afternoon. Dissertation Saturday Part 2 was abandoned – have to see if I can actually get round to writing that final chapter this week or next Saturday. Then it was watching Stevenage get knocked out of the FA Cup, before consolidating with a Haggis dinner to celebrate Burns Night.

Day 26 – Today! Yeh! Had planned to get up early and get my long run done and dusted. That didn’t happen. I then aimed to get out at midday. That didn’t happen. Finally picked up the energy to head out the door about 4ish. Excellent run, although I did get lost and ended up at the A1. Fortunately that happened at exactly half-way, so I just turned round and turned the run into an out-and-back, rather than the haphazardly planned circular route I had in mind. Legs felt good though and heart rate was pretty much in the right zone most of it. If training goes well, I’m confident I might be able to PB at Liverpool marathon – I seem to be in a reasonable place just now.


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