#Janathon 2015–Day 1

Happy New Year all.

This year started with some grand plans for starting Janathon. A bit of ParkRun tourism was on the cards to visit a new ParkRun at Panshanger – perhaps my new local ParkRun. There were even thoughts (although not likely to happen) of a double ParkRun, with a visit to St Albans ParkRun at 10.30 too.

That went out the window though at 1am with a second call of the evening to NHS 111 – my daughter has been running a temperature for 6 days, and peaked last night. A visit to the out-of-hours doctor this morning confirmed tonsillitis (not tinsellitis as this Christmas Crackers would have us believe).

Fortunately she appears to have returned to more or less her normal self today – you’d struggled to believe she was ill. I’m sure we’re in for a few more sleepless nights to test the Janathon resolve though.

Conscious of not wanting to use too many words too early in Janathon, today saw a 5 mile ‘base miles’ run (I’m training to Heart Rate at the moment for my next event – more on both later in the month probably). The main aim of the run was 45 minutes with Heart Rate less than 156bpm. Ignoring the 1st mile (always high heart rate for some reason) the average comes out at 153bpm, and the run was 50 minutes (The Enemy – ‘Be Somebody’ came on and encouraged me to run for another 5 minutes!).

Tonight sees a torture session on the turbo trainer – I’m planning on watching Match of the Day to help the time pass quicker. 1 hour 45 minutes of low heart rate cycling coming up.


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