Janathon Day 2–Return to CrossFit


In an attempt to get stronger and lose some body fat, I joined a new gym that opened in October that specialised in CrossFit. CrossFit has been a fairly steep curve of pain and sweat, but I started making some real progress. 2 weeks off over Christmas though, and too many chocolates and mince pies have landed me back a few weeks – and hence tonights session was a rude awakening.

Each CrossFit session tends to follow the pattern of a warm-up and mobility, some work on a certain skill before the main WOD (Work Out of the Day), and then finally the warm-down – and the session is written on the Whiteboard each day. Todays looked like this:

2015-01-02 19.18.15

I started off by doing the ‘Beginners half-WOD’ before the coach came over and said perhaps he should have given me the full-WOD to do – so I switched half-way through to do the 3k row and the full set of the remaining exercises. The sit-ups and burpees hurt big time.

Quite clearly the slowest to finish today, but the nice thing is everyone hangs around and supports until you finish – and other people in the gym also shout out encouragement – its a great community and something I’m enjoying doing – although its a step learning curve.

Late Christmas Present

A late Christmas Present turned up today – a ‘MyProtein’ Selection Box. I’m a bit worried what my wife is trying to tell me though:

2015-01-02 20.15.34

And then finally tonight we had one of our favourite meals – Cajun Salmon, a Mango Salsa mix and sweet potatoes. The slight difference tonight was we received some spices from Chile for Christmas which made for some fairly spicy sweet potatoes tonight!

2015-01-02 20.50.59


One thought on “Janathon Day 2–Return to CrossFit

  1. Hi Serunner! I am aiming for 70.3 Vitoria (Basque Country in Spain) I live in Girona (an hour’s drive north from Barcelona). Will be my first! Eek! How about you? Good luck!
    I love crossfit but I’m not allowed to do any until my patellar tendonitis goes away… keep at it, it’s wondeful!

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