Janathon Day 4–A Real Mix

My daughters swimming lesson starting at 8.30 this morning meant an early start this morning. Driving through thick fog and not being able to see very much at all made me glad that I wasn’t hoping to cycle or run this early. Still, an enjoyable 30 minutes of helping her learn to swim (and the new time has resulted in less tears than the usual 12pm lesson).

Then it was off to a local restaurant / bar type thing for a breakfast catch-up with friends. I opted for healthier option of pancakes, bananas and strawberries rather than the full blown fry-up.

Once we’d skated back home along the iced paths (why do the council grit the roads but ignore the pavements?) I headed to the gym for the 1st ever ‘Supple Sunday’ to work on mobility. I was a bit worried when on entering the gym people raised their eye-brows and said ‘Oh so you’re here for the ‘Hour of Pain’!?!?

Turns out there are devices that can inflict more pain than foam rollers and most parts of my body got a rude awakening.

As soon as that session finished, I met up with my mate and we headed out for a 7.3 mile run. My training plan has me running for about an hour most weekends at the moment as I build to Grafman Half Ironman in June. Unfortunately today my plan asked for a work out at a higher heart rate (< 168bpm) which I thought meant 9m 30s per mile, but turns out I’m a little fitter than expected (good news!), which then meant I had to run a bit faster (bad news!). Think 168 bpm really translates to sub 9m/m for me at the moment, which is excellent news this early on in the training.

An excellent run and for the first time for a while I got some post-run endorphins flowing – which may be required with the return to work looming tomorrow. Sad smile


2 thoughts on “Janathon Day 4–A Real Mix

  1. I feel your pain, I’m struggling with the heart rate thing, can’t get low enough running for fat burning, can’t get high enough on the bike for endurance work. Good luck with your training

  2. PR – heart rate on the bike is a no go for me – figure it’s due to my running background. Any max hr tests I do are laughable for the number that comes out. I have started training to ‘power’ (well, an interpretation of power) on the turbo – I’m very much a fair weather cyclist!

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