Janathon Day 5–Back to Work (and some Science Lab stuff)

Like most of the people doing Janathon it was a return to work today after a nice long Christmas break. In a strange way I like the routine and order, so it was a slightly welcome return. I might not be saying that by Wednesday though.

At the end of the day, I headed over to our Sports Science department for a briefing about a study I’m taking part in next week. Before Christmas I’d taken part in an assessment to check my fitness levels and get my max heart rate. VO2 max was actually pretty impressive and with a little bit of training and improvement in nutrition it’d actually be really impressive.

Today wasn’t as hardcore as a VO2 max test, I was there to understand the treadmill settings and collect a couple of sample drinks to test before the proper trial starts next week. Its going to be a tough workout thats for sure.

2015-01-05 15.56.44

Whilst I ran about 2km whilst in the lab, I’m not really recording it or using it as todays Janathon effort – instead I turbo’d for 1hr 30m, covering about 21 miles.


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