Janathon Days 6 & 7

Janathon Day 6

A slacker here. Had intentions to blog, but then the evening just disappeared.

Exercise for the day was meant to be a lunchtime run, but (thankfully) I’d forgotten my running socks. Thankfully because it was tipping it down, and I’d also forgotten my waterproof jacket. Annoying though because I only realised I’d left my socks having got completely changed.

So it was the evenings session of a CrossFit class that provided the main workout for the day. The WOD was a 200m run, 15-12-9 of squats, push ups and rings rows, and then 200m run to finish things off. All done in just shy of 6 minutes.

Janathon Day 7

Ensured today that I had my running socks – new ones at that. And also my waterproof jacket – although it wasn’t need.

A nice run along a cycle path that leads into the countryside near work – you’d think you were a mile millions from the concrete town.

2015-01-07 12.56.11

5 miles in just over 45 minutes, mainly based around heart rate (trying to hold around 168bpm, but it was a struggled to keep it below that number today for some reason). Also threw in 6x30s accelerations towards the end.

Tonight is scheduled to be a Turbo session, but there is a pressing need to get on top of the housework so that may take priority. Lets see what happens.



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