Janathon Day 9–Overdoing It

‘Don’t be a weekend warrior and cram all your training into the weekend’ read the first page of my Half-Ironman training plan. With 3 sessions today, and still another 3 to come over the weekend I’m obviously playing great attention.


Working from home today resulted in the opportunity to jump on the turbo trainer for lunch and get 21 miles under my belt.


This week at CrossFit we’ve been going back to basics and getting basic tuition in the basic moves required. This has been excellent, but has meant the WODs have been less intense than usual. That was until tonight when due to an instructor calling in ill, us beginners joined the normal crew and completed the standard. All good really, but not with a swim session starting a few hours later.

The WOD for today was:

3 Dips
6 Knees to Chest
9 Sit Ups
12 Squats

And 20 minutes to complete as many round as possible. Think I managed 12 complete rounds in total – which works out to be 144 squats! (And 100+ sit-ups!).


Fearing that tonight would be a full-on session, it turned out to be an excellent technical session – which my legs, arms and abs are calling out for. If it’d be a performance session I think I would have had to walk out early.

About 1,200m done in a little shy of an hour.

Thankfully thats it for today – and a turbo and run planned for tomorrow. Sounds easy in comparison!


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