Janathon Day 11–’Long Run’?

Can you call it a long run if its not double figures? With my main aim this year being Grafman Middle Distance Triathlon, my training plan peaks at 2 hours running – which at current pace would indicate about 13-14 miles? So at 8.1 miles today I’m a bit confused.

Today started off with my daughters swim lesson – which is working really well with the 8.30 starts. First it frees up most of Sunday compared to her previous lesson time of 12. Plus, she actually enjoys it at 8.30, instead of tears and crying at the 12 lesson.

Then it was off to a soft-play centre to meet up with my daughters best friend (and her parents). The soft-play centre is situated in the (now shutdown) nightclub where me and my wife met for the 1st time. Running round after my daughter for 2 hours must have been a work-out itself! Also bumped into someone from the tri-club, the CrossFit instructor and then 2 mates on the way out! Great to see everyone, and never realised the soft-play centre was the place to be on a Sunday.

Finally got out for the long run with my mate. He’s ‘tapering’ for a 45 mile ultra next week – I use tapering loosely as I think this was his 4th run in the build up to it. Rather him than me – he’ll be fine as hes a machine and made of much tougher stuff than me.

My aim for today was to keep heart rate below 168, but neither of us paid much attention to that due to both having tired legs – surprisingly though the run averaged out at 166bpm, and with an average pace of 9m 15s. Can’t help but think this is a good place to be at this point in the year – and the run was pretty enjoyable and didn’t seem to be too much of an effort.

Even better news about the average pace is we stopped during the final mile to see if we could find a geo-cache, and thus that would have reduced the average pace further (although maybe heart rate too?!). Neither of us had instructions for where the cache was, and no phones either – so after a brief hunt we called it quits. Need to check for instructions before we do this run again.

Next week sees me take part in a Sport Science study, so it’ll be a different training week from normal. Monday to Wednesday sound like they might be a bit full on, Thursday will be an enforced rest day, before then trying to cram my Jantastic workouts into the weekend (no change there then!).


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